Effortless payroll processing for a stress-free workday

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and tedious processes. From automating employee onboarding to seamlessly tracking leaves, calculating payroll, and efficiently managing assets, our comprehensive platform simplifies HR operations. With intuitive tools and insightful analytics, you can optimize workflows, boost productivity, and focus on nurturing your talented team.

Clock In, Cash Out, Chilax

Welcome to the future of HR management with KARYA.

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Manage Employee Profiles

Quickly access & update anything from personal details to work history. Goodbye, paperwork. Hello, efficiency.

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Employee Onboarding & Exit

The onboarding & offboarding of new hires or existing employees is made easier than taking a nap on a Sunday.

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Timesheet & Attendance

Have your workforce's productivity at your fingertips with streamlined attendance & timesheet management.

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Employee Payroll

Save time & reduce errors with automated payroll calculations, regular wages, overtime, bonuses & deductions. Guarantee your employees timely & accurate payments.

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Manage Employee Leaves

Save time with automated leave calculations based on your organisation's policies. Approve or decline leave requests with a few clicks.

create employee profiles create employee profiles

Manage Assets

Real-time overview of company assets without any guesswork. From equipment to technology & beyond, you have complete control.

create employee profiles create employee profiles

Quality Monitoring

Monitor issues & recognise efforts. Make consistent stellar performance a standard for your workforce.

create employee profiles create employee profiles

Manage Employee Appraisals

Performance evaluation is on the plan? Consider it simplified. Promote employee growth & make excellence your company's yardstick.

create employee profiles create employee profiles

Employee Shift zones

Organisations with changing needs? Meet dynamic shift schedules. Create & adapt flexible shifts that let you kick manual scheduling to the curb.

Month End Should Not Be A World War

Generate your payroll with just few clicks, no confusion.

Your employees will love you for this.

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